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'Have you got it yet?'

by Toadstool Shadow

Sometime around march I got this question on my inbox "Are you into stop-motion gnome music videos?". Of course, the answer is absolutely, yes. This is Toadstool Shadow's new video. They wrote : "It stars a cast of stop-motion gnomes with a gig in a miniature amusement park. We call the genre elfcore because philosophically rooted in some punk rock attitudes, but most people would likely call it psych-pop." This song is part of their fairy tale opera 'Folk Songs of the American Wood Elf' which will be both a short movie and an album, check out the official trailer on their youtube channel here.

You can see more of the amazingly interesting creations of Toadstool Shadow on their website:

-Bell from Caos

This is Maya Mejia (@conlasysinvestido on instagram), Mexican artist and musician living in Lyon, France.

These two videos are some of the things she created during the 2020 quarantine. Both of them include her compositions and contemplative images as appears in her artwork.

You can also find them on instagram : here's the first one and the second !

Thank you Maya for sharing these amazing songs !