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"Loved One" (2021) by Lucy Bihl

I met Lucy at my University dorm around 4 years ago, she was my neighbour and the first person I ever talked to when I came to France. I knocked on her door to ask her if she wanted to go to class with me on our first day of art school. We don't have class together anymore, yet Lucy remains one of my closest friends here. This is her illustration contribution to the first CAOS issue.

You can follow her on instagram @ink_t.o.p !

-Bell from Caos


tambourine sky - Kat Hendrickson

Kat Hendrickson is from Ohio, United States. She's currently a senior at Marietta College, studying Studio Art with a minor in Theatre ! Her dream is to be an album artist for musicians.

She is currently open to commissions !

"I decided to choose some of my music-related paintings, because music always makes me feel like I am connected to the people around me. Music has a special way of making people relate to one another, no matter how different you think you are as people or far away your friendship is."

You can find her on her social media handles -

instagram @silentstagepunkart + @silentstagepunk

facebook @silentstagepunk

+ don't forget to check out her page


it's been a while ago now (2020) - Sarah Letalik

lavender print and glitter glue on canvas

The work 'it's been a while ago now' (2020) shows an investigation about identity.

A mind swirl about childhood memories, playing different roles in adult life and the effect of layering.

Sarah Letalik (@sliktale on instagram) was born in 1995 in Lauf an der Pegnitz, Germany. She currently studies photography in Özlem Altin‘s class (Photography in the Field of Contemporary Art) at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig where students are involved in all fields of artistic production beyond photography and develop experimental working methods. In her work Sarah combines elements of photography, performance and the many things in between.